Want A DREDD Sequel? Sign The Online Petition… NOW!

Official petition launches with backing of 2000AD.

Directed by Pete Travis and starring Karl Urban, ‘Dredd 3D’ arrived in cinemas last year earning praise from critics and audience alike, yet the comic book reboot failed to hit it big at the box office, hurting its chancing for a follow up.

Nevertheless, that did not stop fans from launching a ‘Make a Dredd Sequel’ campaign over on Facebook. Now, ‘Judge Dredd’ publisher, 2000AD, has officially endorsed the campaign, launching an online petition to send over to the executives at DNA Films, Lionsgate, and Rebellion.

Speaking at this year’s Comic Con, Urban, who along with writer-producer Alex Garland, has been pushing for a sequel to the cult hit, said “The home video sales just went through the roof. I think it sold 650,000 units in the first week. It’s certainly my hope that we get to make more … clearly it has found an audience. I think the more people that campaign for it, the more people that email, Twitter and write into Lionsgate and say ‘We want to see more of this’, then the more likelihood is that we’ll get to see that. We certainly are doing everything we can to ensure that happens.”

Therefore, if you want to see Urban reprise his role as the titular ass-kicking judge, jury and executioner, make sure to sign the official petition HERE and head over to the ‘Make a Dredd Sequel’ page for more information.