Video Interview with Leonardo DiCaprio for Revolutionary Road

Leonardo DiCaprio talks about his onscreen reunion with Kate Winslet in their new movie Revolutionary Road

It’s received numerous Oscar
nods, it has a historical setting and yes, the great Titanic duo Kate
and Leo are in swining form in this weeks “Revolutionary Road”. But
as Leonardo DiCaprio told, people shouldn’t be expecting a
carbon copy of their former onscreen romance:


“It would be a fundamental
mistake for us to try and create a story anywhere close to Titanic – or
any kind of dynamic between Kate and I in that respect. This was the
perfect piece of material to do that – this is about the disintegration
of a relationship – two people who are desperately trying to hold on to
the love they once as opposed to (Titanic), where people are defying
all odds to stay together”.

Instead of Jack and Rose, we
follow the relationship of  April (Kate Winslet) and Frank Wheeler
(Leonardo DiCaprio) – young marrieds, living what appears to be the
ideal life in the Connecticut of the 1950s. He has a nice job; she is a
mother of two with dreams of an acting career. But beneath the surface
is a lingering dissatisfaction with their lives; Frank is having an
affair with an office worker (Zoe Kazan), and April is terribly unhappy
with the way her life is turning out. They engage in ferocious
arguments, constantly disproving the idea they are the perfect couple.
One day April decides the answer to all their problems is to move to
Paris and start over. Frank initially agrees, but the relationship goes
downhill even further from there and things spiral out of control.


Paul Bryne recently met with the star to discuss the Revolutionary Road, working with Kate and mixing politics with popcorn…


“Revolutionary Road” is in Irish cinemas now.