Video Interview with Anne Hathaway

From tween queen to heroine addict – Anne Hathaway talks Rachel Getting Married

From tween Princess to neurotic former heroine addict in this weekend’s “Rachel Getting Married”, nobody expected Anne Hathaway’s career to go from Mickey Mouse awards to serious Oscar contender. Least of all the 26-year old actress who puts it down, in part, to divine luck:

“I think I happen to be very lucky; I’ve been working with people, who were operating at a much higher level than me and it brought me up- in that sense it’s divine luck, but I did read the scripts and choose them and saw potential in them, so I think I had a hand in it too… who knows, who knows what it’s all going to add up to.”

Here, the former tween queen plays drug addict Kym, on leave from rehab to crash her sister’s wedding. And crash is exactly what she does – from verbally abusing her family, bedding the best man and beginning her maid of honour speech with, “I am Shiva the destroyer”.

Paul Byrne recently caught up with the former tween queen to talk about the film.

“Rachel Getting Married” is in Irish cinemas now.