Video Interview The House Bunny

Miss Anna Faris is smarter, funnier and more charismatic than you might think. She charms the pants off in this video interview…

Anna Faris is not your stereotypical blonde, she’s gone from small bit parts to being the face of the Scary Movie franchise to producing her own teen comedy.

When we entered her hotel room to interview her, she was sitting with a blanket over her knees.

She’s 31, she’s blonde, and she plays a Playboy hottie in her latest movie, The House Bunny. What the hell is she doing wearing a blanket over her knees?

“Oh, I’m actually 81 in reality,” she smiles. “This is all plastic surgery. You should see my insides…”

I’d love to, but, hey, time is tight. And we’ve got a pretty darn good movie to talk about. Written specifically for Faris by Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz, it’s plain from the get-go here that this is the duo who gave us Legally Blonde.

Faris plays Playboy bunny Shelley Darlingson, tricked out of leaving the Playboy mansion by a nasty new rival and landing in a sorority house full of ugly Bettys. Naturally, Shelley gives her newfound geeky friends a girly makeover. And, of course, her newfound geeky friends eventually teach Shelley that looks aren’t everything.

It’s a movie that manages to have its cake and eat it – a female empowerment movie cast with Playboy bunnies? Genius! – but, thankfully, the gags hit their marks. Most of the time.

Which must come as something of a relief for Faris, having taken on her first role as producer for this screamingly commercial movie. A huge undertaking, or a whole lotta fun?

Click play below to find out...

The House Bunny is at Irish cinemas from October 10th