Video Interview Mickey Rourke talks to Mickey Rourke about his big comeback in this weekend’s The Wrestler

Nobody could have predicted it – Golden Globes, Oscar rumours and eh… Mickey Rourke… And indeed, as the “Requiem for a Dream” director, Darren Aronofsky, told the former Hollywood heavyweight, Mickey Rourke , he had had ruined his career for almost fifteen years and nobody would put a nickel to his name…

But as Rourke told, it was this directness and the strength of working with the director that brought him on board for the “The Wrestler”.

“He [Darren] was blunt but truthful – he had the balls to say it to my face – he told me he couldn’t pay me… I’m sitting there thinking – he’s got balls, he got brains – this is my kind of guy.”

And as the found,  this is our kind of film – with Rourke delivering a blistering performance as the former champion wrestler Randy “The Ram” Robinson who finds himself at the end of the line.

Here, Paul Byrne sits down with the ‘80s star to discuss his big comeback, what he contributed to the script and working alongside director Darren Aronofsky.

“The Wrestler” is in Irish cinemas from Friday, Jan 16th.