Video Interview Leonardo DiCaprio

Q+A with Leonardo DiCaprio for new CIA movie ‘Body Of Lies’

When most people think of Leonardo DiCaprio they instantly think Titanic, even though he’s worked with the worlds most acclaimed directors and was nominated for three different Academy Awards, it’s a shadow he’s tried to shake for over ten years.
Interestingly in January he will star opposite Titanic Co-Star Kate Winslet in Revoluntionary Road, something Titanic fans have been hoping for since Celine Dion sang her lungs out as he sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

Before Revolutionary Road, Leo can be seen in ‘Body Of Lies’, opening in Irish cinemas this weekend.
“Body of Lies” is based on the novel of the same name by author David Ignatius, a veteran journalist who covered the CIA and Middle Eastern affairs for 10 years for The Wall Street Journal before joining The Washington Post, where he is currently an associate editor and columnist.


We’ll have Q+A style video interviews later this week with Russell Crowe and director Ridley Scott. Stay Tuned.


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Body Of lies is at Irish cinemas from Nov 21st