Video Interview Keanu Reeves

Keanu revists the Matrix trilogy and talks about The Day The Earth Stood Still

With mankind’s first uncertain steps into the atomic age comes a warning from beyond the stars: cease your fighting and your wars or you will be destroyed. “The decision rests with you,” Klaatu says by way of farewell at the end of “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” a classic of Cold War science fiction from 1951.

Fifty years later and Klaatu has a new message for humanity, but one with equally dire consequences should we choose to ignore it. For Scott Derrickson’s remake, Keanu Reeves is stepping into the role of alien Klaatu, coming to earth with a message for us all… We spoke to the actor about the challenges of bringing the cult classic to a contemporary audience AND we ask him that all important question,  “the Matrix sequels – a little convoluted?”


To watch Keanu discuss his new movie and The Matrix sequels just click play below!



The Day the Earth Stood Still is now showing at Irish cinemas everywhere