Video Interview Jon Favreau

The actor, director and all round fanboy, Jon Favreau, reminisces about his most successful film to date

Iron Man may have made box office history with its $98.6 million opening but the film’s success has also solidified the directing career of Jon Favreau, the actor who first endeared himself to filmgoers as the lonely hearted buddy of the Vince Vaughn in 1996’s Swingers (which Favreau also wrote).

Favreau’s directing career took off in 2003 with the Christmas comedy Elf. Although a box office stumble with the board-game-comes-alive yarn Zathura followed, he soon found himself helming Iron Man, the maiden film for the newly independent Marvel Studios. The studio signed off on Favreau’s bold decision to cast Robert Downey Jr. – an actor who had never had a film gross $100 million in its entire run – as the rakish arms developer Tony Stark. And as we all know by now, the gamble certainly paid off! caught up with Favreau to talk about the movie, working with Downey Jr., CGI and the much-anticipated sequel…



Iron Man is on DVD in Ireland from October 24th.