Video Interview Danny McBride

He’s behind three movies opening this month, including Pineapple Express & Tropic Thunder. Danny McBride is a man about to hit the big time!

He stars in Pineapple Express which just hit cinemas. He appears in Tropic Thunder which opens in Irish cinemas next weekend and he’s the author and producer of Foot Fist Way, which opens in Ireland the week after that. So why is he not a household name?


In this video interview Danny R. McBride tells us how he has to pinch himself every day to help come to terms with his recent success. He also gives us some behind the scenes news on ‘Land Of The Lost’ and his new HBO show tentatively titled ‘East Bound Down’.


Pineapple Express is now showing at Irish Cinemas

Tropic Thunder opens in Irish Cinemas on Friday Sept 19th

The Foot Fist Way opens in Irish Cinemas on Friday Sept 26th