Video Interview Daniel Craig

There’s just over 6 weeks to the release of the new 007 movie Quantum Of Solace, with hype begining to build there is no better time to release his recent pet project ‘Flashbacks Of A Fool’.

Made with his childhood friend Bailey Walsh, Flashbacks Of A Fool tells the tale of a fading british actor, who after having had a good run in Hollywood, is now on his way out. The death of his childhood best friend prompts him to journey back home to his English seaside hometown. He begins to think about his life over the years, and more specifically his teenage years. The audience are along for the ride as the character relives his experiences of this time including the tragedy that forces him to flee for a new life.

Flashbacks Of A Fool is out on DVD in Ireland on September 19th


Quantum Of Solace is out in Irish Cinemas on October 30th