Trailer Milk

Trailer For Gus Van Sant’s Milk Online

The new trailer for upcoming Gus Van Sant (Elephant, Good Will Hunting) film ‘Milk’ is now online.

Milk details the life of Harvey Bernard Milk, the first openly gay city supervisor of San Francisco, California and gay rights activists. He was assassinated in 1978, along with Mayor George Moscone, by his political rival Dan White, making him a LGBT community “martyr”. White’s relatively mild sentence for the murders led to the White Night Riots, and eventually the abolition of diminished capacity (the so called ‘Twinkie defence’) in California.

The story has been covered in various films including the 1984 documentary ‘The Times of Harvey Milk’ — which received an Academy Award and was later produced as an opera.

The film stars Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch and James Franco. Check it out below: