The Lowdown on THE MARVELS

A triple threat of the MCU’s most powerful women unite in ‘The Marvels’. Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel kicks off a mind-bending space adventure, when she becomes entangled with 2 newer MCU faces — Jersey City’s teen hero, Kamala Khan, first introduced in the Disney+ series ‘Ms Marvel’ & scientist Captain Monica Rambeau, who we last saw in the Disney+ show, ‘WandaVision.’

“The Marvels” is the 33rd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the sequel to 2019’s ‘Captain Marvel’, which was the 21st film in the MCU.

2019’s ‘Captain Marvel’ was the first woman-led superhero movie to top the billion-dollar mark earning $1.1bn at the global box office.

‘The Marvels’ is set in the present day Marvel Universe, 30 years after the events of the first film ‘Captain Marvel’, which was set in 1995.

The film ’s world-building is so vast it required 54 full size sets to be built. Production was so huge that they had to expand the set onto a golf course near London.

‘The Marvels’ is the first MCU film not to have the protagonist’s name in its title. Instead thxe title refers to the three main superheroes featured: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Spectrum (Monica Rambeau).

Director Nia DaCosta revealed that the first thing she was told to do was talk to other film-makers who made earlier Marvel movies. She was introduced to a high-profile network of previous Marvel directors ,including James Gunn, Taika Waititi & Chloé Zhao, who were always available to give advice. She jokingly said her first question was “Are they going to kill me and destroy my soul?” Luckily the answer was “no!”

At 30 years of age, Nia DaCosta is Marvel’s youngest director ever,  the film-maker who previously directed the recent ‘Candyman’ sequel is also the first Black woman to helm a Marvel film.

‘Captain Marvel’ was also the name of a character seen in the pages of rival DC comics since 1939. Their comic series later was later rebranded to ‘Shazam’ after trademark complications. To keep use of the trademark, Marvel had to publish a ‘Captain Marvel’ comic every two years since 1968, leading to many ‘Captain Marvel adventures featuring a range of different characters using the Captain Marvel alias.

Director Nia DaCosta has said that superhero fatigue “absolutely exists”, but promises this movie breaks the fatigue to stand out from every film that has come before it. “I’m most excited for fans to see a kind of Marvel movie that they haven’t seen before” the director said, “I’m really excited for them to see all the creative things we did. And the action is so great. I think because of the switching it makes it so different and allowed us to do so many fun things. To tell a story with that device was really fun.”

THE MARVELS opens in Irish cinemas on November 10th