Sister act musical – Interview

As the Sister Act musical visits Dublin we catch up with star Cynthia Erivo

Based on the classic Whoopie Goldberg movie, SISTER ACT is visiting Ireland for the Christmas season. Cynthia Erivo plays the part of Deloris in the popular musical which runs at Grand Canal Theatre from 20th December – 07 January. Tickets from €20.00 are on sale now. For more info see

Q: Were you a fan of the original Sister Act movie?

A: Yes, absolutely! I loved it. It was one of those childhood movies that I watched a lot and I knew the words to all of the songs.

Q: Whoppi Goldberg is a tough act to follow, are you nervous?

A: Yes, Whoopi is incredible. I was really nervous at first but very soon got really into it and became really comfortable in the role. I liked the challenge of putting my own spin on it.

Q: What was your first meeting with Whoopi like? Did she give any tips?

A: I haven’t actually met her believe it or not! Hopefully I’ll get to see her when she comes to see the show.

Q: Why do you think the movie has become such a classic?

A: I think the premise is all encapsulating. Everyone can relate to something in the movie. It’s such a great story where someone who isn’t very outspoken finds music. I think everyone can understand and relate to that idea.

Q: What other movies would you love to see turned into stage shows?

A:That’s a tough one. Oh! I think The Devil Wears Prada could look really cool on stage. Someone should do that.

Q: Tell us about the last movie you saw? (either in cinema, video, DVD or TV)

A:I watched a great movie recently called Julie and Julia. It tells the story of one woman discovering the book of a chef and embarking on a journey of cooking every single recipe in the book which takes about a year. She keeps a blog during the process. It becomes her raison d’etre. She ends up becoming a writer and published chef. The story slips between the lives of both women. It’s a super movie.

Q: What is your favourite movie of all time?

A:The Colour Purple. I love it.

Q: What movie could you never sit through again?

A: Oh It was some movie with Eddie Murphy. It was really awful. I can’t remember the name. I think I’ve subconsiously blocked it from my memory!

Q: Describe your ideal movie cast… (actor, actress & director)

A: Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Fiona Shaw, Sophie Okonedo, I could a little bit of Brad Pitt, Emma Thompson – I think she’s great, Angela Bassett, Hugh Laurie and my best friend Pippa Bennett Warner who went to school with me! I’m not just being biased, she is an incredible actress and I can’t wait to see her in a movie.

Q: Have you ever cried during a movie? Which one?

A: Absolutely, I cry at movies all the time. I couldn’t name them all. I think the last one I cried at was the latest Harry Potter movie.

Q: Favourite movie snack?

Always popcorn, especially Kettle Corn which is a mixture of sweet and saltly.

Q: Favourite TV programme?

A: I love Misfits. I think it’s a really cool concept. It turns the idea of superpowers on its head. There are superpowers but not in the obvious sense. One teenager can draw storyboards that come to life. Another girl has the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes and see life from their point of view. Another is like a rocket scientist and can look at anything mechanical and know exactly how it works. It’s a great show.

Q: Who would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?

A: Oh that’s a difficult one. I never thought about it before. I’m quite young so it would have to be a young actress. I guess it would depend on what age they were playing me at. I don’t mind playing anyone else but I never thought about who would play me! I think I’d be happy with my sister taking the role. I’d let her do it!


SISTER ACT runs at the Grand Canal Theatre until January 6th 2012