Lost Boys 3 is in the works

Third Lost Boys movie in the works…

A third movie in the Lost Boys franchise is reportedly in the works.


P.J. Pesce confirmed the third outing after the second instalment ‘Lost Boys: The Tribe’ sold well.


He said: “It actually doubled their projections. The studio is very happy – and they sent me a bottle of champagne last week.”


Pesce also claimed that original cast members Corey Feldman, Jamison Newlander and Corey Haim are expected to reprise their roles as the Frog brothers and Sam Emerson respectively. He added that he does not know if he will be asked to direct.


The original ‘Lost Boys’ movie, which centred around two brothers who discover that their new hometown is frequented by vampires, was released in 1987. The sequel ‘Lost Boys: The Tribe’ is out on DVD from September 8th.