JOHN WICK Directors to Helm BLOODSHOT Comic Adaptation

David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, the stunt coordinators-turned-directors behind the acclaimed action-thriller ‘John Wick,’ are to take the helm of a big screen adaptation of the Valiant Comics title ‘Bloodshot,’ with Jeff Wadlow (‘Kick-Ass 2’) and Eric Heisserer (‘The Thing’) providing the script.

Created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet, the series follows Angelo Mortalli, a ruthless killer for the mob who is set up by the family and framed for a murder. He instead goes into Witness Protection, but is betrayed by an FBI agent guarding him, kidnapped and forcibly subjected to an experimental program in which his body is injected with microscopic computers called nanites. These nanites allow him to heal wounds quickly, dominate electronic devices, and fully control every aspect of his body to maximize his physical capabilities. As Bloodshot, he wages a one-man war, taking out the mob, the police and his covert government creators, in his struggle to find out who he was and what he has become.

THR hears that the plans is for a five-picture arc involving two movies based on ‘Bloodshot,’ and two based on ‘Harbinger,’ a next-generation ‘X-Men’-esque storyline about a group of superpowered beings on the run from the Harbinger Foundation, an organization run by mysterious philanthropist Toyo Harada. ‘Bloodshot’ and ‘Harbinger’ will then come together for a fifth movie, a cross-over feature titled ‘Harbinger Wars.’

Valiant’s Dinesh Shamdasani, along with Original Film’s Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe (‘Fast and Furious,’ ‘21 Jump Street’) are on board to produce all five movies.