John Sayles to Pen New DJANGO Film

Screenwriter/director John Sayles (‘Eight Men Out,’ ‘Lone Star,’ ‘The Secret Of Roan Inish’) has closed a deal to write ‘Django Lives!,’ a third instalment of the Spaghetti Western series centred on the outlaw Civil War soldier with blood-soaked hands.

Franco Nero will return as the titular outlaw, a role he originated in 1966 with Sergio Corbucci’s ‘Django,’ and followed up with 1987’s ‘Django Strikes Again.’ While there have been a number of “sequels” from the time to time, they were unofficial, featuring neither Corbucci nor Nero.

Talking to THR, Nero said, “John Sayles is a master of literature. His Lone Star is one of the greatest modern Westerns ever shot. He knows how to be exquisitely cultivated and people-oriented at the same time, exactly like another master I’ve worked with, Mr. Orson Welles. And that says a lot.”

Producers include Louis Black, Nancy P. Sanders, Carolyn Pfeiffer, and David Hollander.