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Playing Ireland this weekend, the notorious Village People talk cinema with

They’ve sold over sixty-five million records worldwide, they’ve had Madonna and Joan Rivers open for them, they’ve even appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone -twice! With hits including “Y.M.C.A.”, “Macho Man”, “In The Navy” and “Can’t Stop The Music” we can only be talking about that notorious disco band  Village People.


Celebrating their 30th Anniversary, the boys are touring the Globe and about to be receive their very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To mark the occasion the band are coming to Dublin for a very rare appearance. Here, chats cinema with David Hodo (the original construction worker of The Village People)

Q: How often do you get to sit down and watch a movie?

A: When I’m home, I usually always watch a movie in several parts.


Q: Tell us about the last movie you saw? (Either in cinema, video, DVD or TV)

A: Punch Drunk Love (on DVD).


Q: What is your favourite Irish movie and why?

A: Darby O’Gill and the Little People


Q: What is your favourite movie of all time?

A: Scarface


Q: What movie could you never sit through again?

A: Mystic River


Q: Describe your ideal movie cast… (actor, actress & director)

A: George Clooney, Catherine Zeta Jones, director??


Q: Have you ever cried during a movie? Which one?

A: Embarrassingly enough, I sobbed during Romeo and Juliet.


Q: Favourite movie snack?

A: Popcorn.


Q: Fovourite TV programme?

A: Oz


Q: Who would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?

A: Ryan Gosling (if Renee Zelleweger is busy).

Village People play Tripod this Sunday, September 21st. Doors open at 9pm Tickets €54 & €58 (inc. booking fee) available from Ticketmaster, Road Records, City Discs, Sound Cellar and usual outlets. For more information visit