Irish Opinion Podge and Rodge

Those notorious brothers, Podge and Rodge, talk movies.

The Brits may have stolen Zig ‘n Zag, but we got the best of ‘The Den’ in Podge and Rodge. Possibly the best show on Irish telly since ‘Father Ted’, ‘The Podge and Rodge show’ will be return to RTE this autumn for its third year. Here, we talk movies with the gruesome twosome.

Q: How often to you get to sit down and watch a movie?
Podge: Ah, we’d watch a good Dutch ‘arthouse’ movie most evenings up in Ballydung Manor.
Rodge: Last night we watched Fill Bill 1 and 2.

Q: Tell us about the last movie you saw? (either in cinema, video, DVD or TV)
Podge: Ah we wouldn’t go out to the cinema very often – unless there’s one of them ‘festivals’ on.
Rodge: Yep. We never understand them – always foreign stuff. But you’ll always get a glimpse of pink!

Q: What is your favourite Irish movie and why?

Podge: I really identified with the little ginger murdering fella in The Butcher Boy.
Rodge: War of the Bottoms.

Q: What is your favourite movie of all time?
Rodge: Porky’s 3 – Porky’s Revenge. Classic stuff altogether.
Podge: I’d appreciate something more highbrow meself – maybe Kindergarden Cop or some such thriller.

Q: What movie could you never sit through again?
Rodge: The Crying Game. There I was with the kaks down when yer one took her mickey out.
Podge: That makes you gay Rodge.
Rodge: Ah, it could have happened to anyone.

Q: Have you ever cried during a movie? Which one?

Rodge: Dirty Dancing. We rented it out thinking it was an adult film. The video shop was too far away to return it – we were devastated.

Q: Favourite movie snack?

Rodge: Oh, I love a bit of Bombay Mix!
Podge: Rodge, that’s just the contents of an Indian restaurant’s hoover bag….

Q: Favourite TV programme?
Podge: Used to be Telly Bingo, but since that lovely girl left, it hasn’t been the same.
Rodge: Anything with a Seoige in it.

Q: Who would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?

Rodge: Maybe that fella from the weather – Ger Fleming.
Podge: Osama Bin Laden.