Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin to direct new ‘Evil Dead’ movie

Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin has been confirmed as writer and director of the new The Evil Dead film titled ‘EVIL DEAD NOW’

The news was confirmed today by legendary ‘Evil Dead’ actor Bruce Campbell who opened up about the production,, “We’re just getting off the phone with Lee Cronin who is writing and directing the next Evil Dead,” he confirmed  “It’s called Evil Dead Now. Sam handpicked Lee – he did a cool movie called ‘The Hole In The Ground‘. We’re going to get that sucker out as soon as practical.”

Speaking to last year, the young director shared his love of horror films “I think it’s a great time for genre film, and horror is really blazing the way forward with this. It’s hard to define exactly why it’s so successful right now, but long may it continue. I think there has been a greater investment in character in some recent horror films, and audiences always respond to work that isn’t spoon fed to them. It’s not just about blood and gore, it’s about concept and execution and there are some insanely talented filmmakers delivering some stunning films. Plus, everyone loves a good scare from time to time”.

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