Interview Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson talks about the Bridezilla comedy “Bride Wars”

Don’t mess with a girl on her wedding day. Just ask Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway what can happen…

In the latest Bridezilla comedy, Hudson and Hathaway star as childhood best friends who have had every detail of their weddings planned out for years. They both want to get married at the Plaza Hotel in NYC and won’t settle for less. When they get engaged, virtually at the same time, they are so happy for each other until an unforeseeable mistake happens and the weddings are scheduled on the same day. The Plaza cannot accommodate for the mishap and the long-time friends instantly become rivals trying to make the other one change their date.

Here, Kate Hudson fills us in on her Bridezilla experience and what it was like to work with Hathaway.



Q: I know a lot of people will enjoy this movie, but there are some who find it perpetuates the Bridezilla stereotype. What would you say to them?

KH: “It’s because it’s so easy to pit women against each other and it’s so easy to get carried away with the cattiness and the pettiness and stereotypes of women and how women handle a lot of situations. We are a little guilty of going a little crazy sometimes and getting stressed out. I think that at least for me women are great at being self-deprecating and making fun of themselves and we don’t get the opportunities as actors, as a female comedienne, to do that that often because there aren’t really that many female driven comedies. So I think that women will appreciate that, I hope.”


Q: Are women meaner to each other than men?

KH: “I think that we can be, yeah. Women are a little bit more complicated – I think that women can really hit you where it hurts. Men go right for the shins whereas I think women can kind of be a little bit more hurtful because we’re more emotional.”


Q: You and Anne Hathaway clearly had a great time on set. Is there a particular moment that will stay with you?

KH: “We worked such long hours. I was thinking probably when we were so tired and we were on the floor with our torn up wedding dresses. That’s my favourite shot in the movie. We’re lying there and we kind of looked at each other, but we were there for hours. We looked at each other and we were on our sides and just talking while lying on the floor. That’s probably the most memorable for me because you don’t get to work with girls this closely very often.”


Q: Earlier this year Anne jokingly referred to this film as ‘Oestrogen’ – how did that vibe on set inform the characters for you?

KH: “It was an interesting time for all of us because especially at the age we’re both in, you’re going through so many transitions and for some reason being around women – which is kind of what the movie is about, having those friendships – you become empowered by your girlfriends and by other women that you learn from. It was all girl producers, executives, all females, the stars. When you get a lot of girls in a room it’s like, ‘Watch out.’ It’s a powerful energy. This movie felt really good for that.”


Q: What did you do physically to prepare for the movie?

KH: “Workout, you mean? Well, I’m always doing something. I’m either dancing or doing Pilates or biking or running. I’m quite active. Also, for this movie, we were actually doing a lot of drinking [laughs]. I’m a tequila girl. I like my champagne though too.”


Q: The guys in the movie say, ‘Lets just have a double wedding.’ But real life, if the situation were similar would you have a double wedding?

KH: “Yeah. I would’ve been like, ‘The more fun we’ll have, the bigger the party, the bigger the ballroom -‘ yeah. In real life I probably would be like, ‘I don’t even know if I want to get married. Go ahead.’ But then again there’s that little part of you, like you said, where it’s like, ‘No, no, no. It’s my one day. It’d be kind of weird if one of the groom’s vows were better too.”


Q: Do you think there’s too much emphasis on a girl getting married?

KH: “Personally, I love relationships and I would never be cynical about people wanting that day and getting excited about that day. I think there’s a reason for it. I always say that it’s your day to sort of present yourself to your man, to throw this party that’s about wanting to spend the rest of your life with somebody and bringing everyone together. The idea of the ceremony is great. The reality of the ceremony becomes stressful, but I think the emphasis on marriage will always be important for people no matter what kind of marriage they choose, whether that’s getting hitched at the top of the Himalayas, just the two of them, or having a three hundred person wedding. I think that people will always want that ceremony. When we all sit around and have coffee or drinks, the first things you talk about are your kids and then you talk about your relationship and love and loss and drama in love. It’s such a big topic. So I think celebrating it will always be something that people emphasize.”


Q: What qualities does the perfect guy need?

KH: “I don’t know yet. I don’t know what the perfect guy is yet. I do know that I like honest guys. That always gets me going. I like guys who are really up front and just are who they are. They’re hard to find.”


Q: Kate, what did you relate to or not relate to with these characters?

KH: “I’m so not like Liv in terms of who my girlfriend is and who I based the whole hair thing after. She’s in the hair salon like two times a week. She won’t dip her foot in water because her hair might get frizzy. That to me is Liv. I can’t relate to that, but I can because I know someone who’s like that and it cracks me up. But in terms of weddings and stuff I can relate to it because I like to dress up. I like to dress up and I like to have a party. I like to throw parties. I like to bring people together. Everyone has their own opinion about the sanctity of marriage. I mean, I come from two parents that aren’t married. Well, I come from one parent who ended up not marrying my other parent. It’s sort of a complicated household. So it’s a little unconventional how I see it, but I can relate to it. And I got married and it was great and it was a blast. Everyone should do it.”


Q: Would you do it again?

KH: “Possibly. I don’t know. If it’s right. If it’s important to everybody. But I don’t know who the guy would be yet so it would all kind of depend on what kind of relationship that is.”


“Bride Wars” is in Irish cinemas everywhere now.

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