Interview Kate Hudson

Goldie’s Girl talks about new comedy ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’

Bubbly blonde Kate Hudson has a smile that lights up any room and a personality to match. With her long golden locks, bright blue eyes, and quick wit she would be the perfect catch for any man – but Kate just can’t seem to settle with anyone.


In her new movie she gets to test out the dating world once more. In the comedy My Best Friend’s Girl, Kate plays Alexis – a foul-mouthed, flirty and headstrong hottie who finds herself in a love triangle with two friends. Here Kate spills the beans about her real-life dates from hell, being besotted with motherhood and her potty mouth . . .


Q: Kate, your new movie My Best Friend’s Girl – I guess you play the best friend’s girl?

KH: “Yeah. Well, sort of. Jason Biggs’ character is this guy who I have been kind of dating in the workplace and he gets a little crazy and moves too fast. He is a little psychotic. So he hires Tank – who is Dane Cook – to come along and be the worst date of my life. And it is.”


Q: Have you ever had any dates from hell and did you ever go to the prom?

KH: “Yes! I went to lots of prom. No, I didn’t. I have had a couple pretty bad dates. On one date I just left before we got any food or ordered food because the guy was so deeply boring. I just thought I’d just save all of us from this and leave. I think he was in banking. I’m not kidding. It was years ago. Proms. . . I went to prom. When I was in high school, we’d all go together so nobody really had real dates so a bunch of us would go in a group and that was fun. I liked our prom big time. A big orgy. Oh yeah!”



Q: You are a single girl at the moment – but what is the worst date you have ever been on?

KH: “I would say the worst of all of them was definitely when I went on this one date with a guy when I was about 19. We went out for dinner, but then I ran into some friends. When I stopped to say hi the guy got really jealous. I barely knew this guy and I guess he might’ve had a couple of drinks at the time but he came up to me and was really angry and said ‘Are you coming home with me or what?’ So I said ‘I think or what is the answer here.’ It was the worst date I have ever been on. He was cute but needless to say I never saw him again.”



Q: What do you look for in a guy?

KH: “Girls are so funny when they say what they look for in a guy because they always say things like honesty and humour. But that really is what I look for too – so I guess I am just like most girls.”


Q: Is it right that you and Chris Robinson are divorced but still live together?

KH: “Yes, we are divorced, but no we don’t live together but we still spend a lot of time together. Chris is on the road a lot so when he is not on the road we really make an effort to be in the same place – if it means that I go to where he is, or he comes over to where we are.”


Q: It seems like you and Chris still really like each other?

KH: “Yeah, it’s such a shame when people let their egos get in the way of what is the most important thing. I feel like a lot of times there is somebody whose pride is affected when a relationship ends. And then it gets in the way of everything else when for me it just feels like this is not about me or him. And we did it the right way. We knew it was not right and we wanted it to be great for Ryder. Now we have a happy boy and it is just great.”


Q: Are you ever jealous of women Chris is dating or is Chris ever jealous of guys you are dating?

KH: “No, no. I don’t think he gets jealous. If he is he is doing a great job at not letting me know (Laughs). He has got a lovely girlfriend right now.”


Q. Is it hard to balance movie-making and motherhood?

KH: “Yes, I think it’s difficult to balance your work-life and your home-life for all the women who are working parents. You make obvious sacrifices because you really just want to be with your family. For me, I just maintain my priority, which is making sure where I work and when I’m working and when Chris is working, all the logistics of what it is. But I don’t think it’s ever easy for working Moms especially, because we’re nurturers. All we want to do is be a mother. I love my job, and I obviously grew up with a very, very busy mother (Goldie Hawn). But there was not a second in my life where I felt like my Mom wasn’t totally present as a parent, ever. And it was the same with my Pa (Kurt Russell). So I think that I’ve learned from that, big time.”

Q: Your character in My Best Friend’s Girl swears a lot. . .

KH: “I actually talk like that. It’s like the first time I actually felt, ‘Oh, I can say the sort of inappropriate things that I say sometimes in real life when I’m talking about people in and out of relationships and stuff.’ It was fun to swear in a movie which I’ve never really done before. I can throw out some bad words every once in a while.”


Q: Do you tone-down your potty mouth in front of your son, Ryder?

KH: “Yeah, now that I have a son, I don’t do it as often – not on a day-to-day basis. “

Q: What else do you have coming up?

KH: “Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway. I am very excited about that one. It’s a comedy, a little bit of a dark comedy, two girls fighting for the altar. It’s a very good story. We had great fun filming it. I can’t wait for that one.”

My Best Friend’s Girl is at Irish cinemas now