DRAGON’S LAIR: THE MOVIE Heads to Indiegogo

Animation veterans Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, whose credits include ‘An American Tail,’ ‘The Secret of NIMH,’ ‘Titan A.E.,’ ‘The Land Before Time,’ and ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven,’ have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help bring the classic arcade game ‘Dragon’s Lair’ to the big screen.

Bluth and Goldman originally launched a Kickstarter for the project in October but the campaign was nixed after falling short of its $550,000 goal. At the time of cancellation, nearly 3,000 contributions had raised more than $240,000.

The duo decided to move their crowdfunding efforts to Indiegogo with a “stronger, more valiant” campaign. The aim now is to raise $250,000 to fund the production of a sizzle reel that the animation legends will use to pitch to studios.

Released into arcades in the early 1980s, the laser disc based ‘Dragon’s Lair’ followed Dirk the Daring, a bumbling knight attempting to rescue his beloved Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe, who has locked the princess in the foul wizard Mordroc’s castle.

Want to chip in and help with the project? Head over to the ‘Dragon’s Lair: The Movie’ Indiegogo page here.