Johnny Depp plays Roger Moore in movie based on actors memoirs

Johnny Depp tipped for Roger Moore biopic

Johnny Depp is rumoured to be playing Roger Moore in a movie based on the actor’s memoirs.


The former 007 released “My Word Is My Bond” last month and two US studios are reportedly looking to pick up the rights for the project.


“The two production companies’ interest in Roger was heightened after they read the tales of his Hollywood exploits,” a source said.


“They are keen to centre on that era ahead of his 007 days. They believe film-goers will lap this one up and it could be a huge hit.”


According to the mole, Moore already has an idea as to who he would like to play him in the movie. “The whole project is shrouded in secrecy but Roger has been telling friends, with a knowingly raised eyebrow, that he’s a great admirer of Johnny Depp.”


“My Word Is My Bond” details Roger Moore’s 1950s and ’60s exploits alongside fellow actors Elizabeth Taylor, David Niven and Lana Turner.