10 movies to see in April 2016


Directed by: Glenn Ficarra and John Requa
Starring: Tina Fey, Margot Robbie, Martin Freeman, Alfred Molina, Billy Bob Thornton
Release Date: April 22nd 2016
In 2001, journalist Kim Barker (Tina Fey) finds herself in Afghanistan, covering the war from a considerably quieter place than the war-torn Iraq. As such, friendships and allegiances grow up in the international community stationed in Kabul. As the Taliban grow stronger and interest in the country recedes however, Kim finds herself fighting for her job, and the new relationship that has developed between her and Scottish photographer Iain (Martin Freeman).


Directed by: James Watkins
Starring: Idris Elba, Kelly Reilly, Charlotte Le Bon, Richard Madden, Anatol Yusef
Release Date: April 22nd 2016
Michael Mason (Madden) finds himself under suspicion of planting a bomb, but when he proves to CIA agent Sean Briar (Elba), that he is merely a talented pickpocket, the two team up to stop more attacks before it’s too late.


Directed by: Jean-Marc Vallée
Starring: Naomi Watts, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Cooper, Heather Lind, Judah Lewis
Release Date: April 29th 2016
After his wife is killed in a car crash, which he escapes without a scratch, Davis’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) grief takes a strange form. When a packet of peanut M&Ms gets stuck in a vending machine, Davis finds himself writing long, confessional letters to the company’s customer care department, and taking some advice from his father in law quite literally, he begins dismantling household objects that no longer work.


Directed by: Gavin O’Connor
Starring: Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, Ewan McGregor, Noah Emmerich, Rodrigo Santoro
Release Date: April 22nd 2016
After cast and crew troubles, the Natalie Portman-led Western ‘Jane Got a Gun’ is finally released in Irish cinemas this month. Portman stars as the titular Jane, who turns to her ex-fiancé Dan (Edgerton) for help in protecting her family, after her husband is killed and the Bishop Boys turn their attention to her.


Directed by: Simon Verhoeven
Starring: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Brit Morgan, Brooke Markham
Release Date: April 22nd 2016
Laura (Debnam-Carey) is popular in person and online, with over 800 friends on Facebook. When she accepts a friend request from a girl called Marina (Liesl Ahlers), who she doesn’t know in person, Laura sets off a terrible curse, leaving her with just days to solve the mystery of Marina and save her friends’ lives.