Video Interview Zac Efron

Pirates 4, Highschool Musical 4, Zac Efron is generating a lot of rumours in Hollywood at the moment, we put him under the grill in this, the last of our HSM video interviews…

When Zac Efron signed on for High School Musical, he had no idea it would make him a tween sensation.

The first inkling he got that his latest TV outing might not be like all his other TV outings was when his friends told him to check out iTunes.

Although High School Musical was yet to debut on the Disney Channel, songs from the TV movie were already racing up the iTunes download charts.

“And I just thought, wow,” says Efron, when I met him at London’s Dorchester Hotel recently, “if they’re already buying these songs before the movie’s actually out there, well, this might actually be something big.”

Just how big took even Disney by surprise, High School Musical debuting on American TV on January 20th, 2006 to 7.7million viewers. Which set a record for a Disney Channel Original Movie. The accompanying soundtrack went on to become America’s biggest selling album of 2006.

The second outing – the imaginatively-titled High School Musical 2 – debuted on August 17th, 2007 to 17.3million viewers. Setting another Disney Channel Original Movie record.

It’s unsurprising then that the Mouse House has decided the third outing for this Romeo & Juliet update, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, deserves a big-screen release. Released around the world on Oct 22nd, Senior Year has broken Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire’s record for most advance ticket sales in the UK.


It’s rumoured that Efron might be joining Johnny Depp in the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. There are also rumours of a Highschool Musical 4, will Efron show up in the fourth installment? We had to ask…

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High School Musical 3 – Senior Year is at Irish cinemas now!