Personal Shopper
1.0Dull and silly

Cannes Review – Personal Shopper

PERSONAL SHOPPER (France/TBC/105mins) Directed by Olivier Assayas. Starring Kristen Stewart, Nora von Waldstätten, Anders Danielsen Lie, Lars Eidinger, Ty Olwin THE PLOT: Living in Paris, Maureen (Kristen S...

Trailer For APPROACHING THE UNKNOWN Starring Mark Strong

APPROACHING THE UNKNOWN follows William D. Stanaforth (Mark Strong), an astronaut on a one way solo mission as part of humanity’s first steps toward colonizing Mars. Watched by the entire world, he is completely alone, and when the trip takes a toll on the shi...
3.0Strong story


FIDELIO - ALICE'S JOURNEY (France/TBC/97mins) Directed by Lucie Borleteau. Ariane Labed, Melvil Poupaud, Anders Danielsen Lie, Pascal Tagnati, Jean-Louis Coulloc'h. THE PLOT: Alice (Ariane Labed) works as a...