Seann William Scott interview for Goon

We catch up with the American Pie star to talk about his new comedy

What drew you to this movie?

SWS: It’s just a chance to play a slightly more three dimensional character. I loved the script; I thought it was different, it wasn’t just straight up comedy. It wasn’t like a hockey movie, it was a character-driven movie that was funny with a lot of violence, and I thought if it worked, it would be a cool little movie and really, I love it.

Are you a hockey fan?

SWS: I am not a huge hockey fan, to tell you the truth. I grew up in Minnesota and everyone played hockey, except for me. I played baseball, basketball and American football, but I have much more respect for the game now. I enjoyed it so much, and I am terrible at it [laughs]. I have so much respect for hockey players, it is so athletic, and it is so violent.

Did you have much input into the character?

SWS: I did, I mean the director was really fabulous, but it was written well and they were really clear about what the guy was supposed to be like. So I added a little bit of colour to it, but Jay Baruchel wrote a really great script. It was kind of nice to not have to create something, his voice was really clear. The truth is that I am hopefully not as stupid as the character is, he’s not that bright [laughs], but he’s a good guy and for me it was something different to play a guy who’s not an annoying jerk. I guess I could relate to the fact that he’s a good guy, but hopefully I am not as stupid as he is [laughs].

Goon is already being described as one of the most violent films of 2012, do you agree with that?

SWS: The year has just started so we’ll see how that goes, but when I watched it – I guess because I am familiar with it – I didn’t feel it was that violent. I think that they kind of had to make the movie feel a little bit different to films like Happy Gilmore.

Did you do your own skating in the movie?

SWS: Yeah I did the best that I could, but I am terrible. It’s OK though because the character is supposed to be bad. We had great stunt guys, but that is definitely me falling on my butt [laughs]

What was it like to go back to the American Pie franchise after such a long break?

SWS: I have never had as much fun as I had on American Reunion. I was just so happy to go back and play around with the guys that I started my career with. The chemistry that we all have… Yeah it was great, so much so that I would probably do another one, I had that much fun – which would probably be awful for my career – but I had a really awesome time.

Will we ever see you do a straight up, serious drama?

SWS: I don’t know if any director will have me, but I would love to. Serious drama is what I wanted to do when I moved to LA, and then I got American Pie, then Dude, Where’s My Car? And Road Trip… So I would love to do something dark. I have enjoyed doing comedy; it’s always a good challenge.

So many of the characters that you have played have had great catchphrases that have seeped into popular culture. Do you get fans shouting them at you in the street?

SWS: [laughs] Yeah sometimes they do, and I always get a kick out of it. I am so grateful for American Pie – without it, I wouldn’t have a career. Honestly, I don’t even enjoy acting that much. Truthfully, I just love movies, and why I do it is to get those kinds of reactions. I hope to create something, or add something where I can go when the movie opens – if it’s a good movie – and hear people react to what we have done. To me, that’s the most rewarding thing. That’s the challenge.

What’s next?

SWS: I have no idea! [laughs] I haven’t read anything that I really liked, but I am not too stressed about it. Who knows? I would love to do something more serious, but I will probably end up doing American Pie 5 or Dude, Where’s My Car Again? [laughs]

WORDS : Brogen Hayes

GOON is now showing in Irish cinemas