Moviesie interviews a hamster Mark Walton talks Bolt

We squeak with Rhino the Hamster

“Bolt” may have its fair share of Hollywood A-listers – John Travolta as the sometime super-dog, Miley “Hannah Montana” Cyrus as his human owner – but the true hero of Disney’s latest animated pic is the hilarious Rhino, the obsessive fanboy hamster who rolls around in his ball, courting danger at every turn.

Voicing Rhino is the Mark Walton .For the past 12 years, Walton has worked as a storyboard artist, contributing background voices for several animated films, including Loosey Goosey (Chicken Little) and Barry & Bob Longhorn in Home on the Range.

Now it seems Walton hit has hit the jackpot when his test voice for Rhino ended up becoming the final vocal track. Paul Byrne sat down with Walton to discuss his experience working on “Bolt” and working at Disney.


“Bolt” is in Irish cinemas everywhere now.