Irish Opinion Ray Foley

Ray is one of the most popular DJs on Today FM, but what does he know about movies?

Ray Foley, the 2008 Meteor Award Winner (Best National DJ), may be best known for his Today FM show, but Ray Foley is no stranger to films. We talk movies with the Mayo born presenter:


Q: How often to you get to sit down and watch a movie?
Every couple of days or so.


Q: Tell us about the last movie you saw?
The last movie I saw was ‘The Big Lebowski’. I have it at home on DVD and hadn’t watched it in a while, so after I got in from work I stuck it on and spent some quality time with the dude.


Q: What is your favourite movie of all time?
I couldn’t name one. I find the movies that were really unexpectedbecome my favourites. I thought ‘Moulin Rouge’ would be a total chick flick, but was incredibly impressive. The Kevin Costner movie, ‘Thirteen Days’ was another I didn’t see coming. I watched ‘LA Confidential’ again last week. I’d say that would be one of my top ones. Of course, ‘The Usual Suspects’. I’ll stop now, but I could go on…


Q: What movie could you never sit through again?
Another ridiculously long list. The last dire movie I remember was ‘Thunderbirds’. I’ll never get that hour and a half back.


Q: Describe your ideal movie cast… (actor, actress & director)
I’d say Tarantino directing someone like Alec Baldwin or Michael Keaton would be a movie to watch. Leading ladies might be Michelle Pfeiffer, Jodie Foster or Kate Winslet.


Q: Have you ever cried during a movie? Which one?
I’ve never properly cried tears, but I’ve had a lump in my throat during a few. The obvious ones like ‘ET’ and ‘Titanic’ come to mind.


Q: Favourite TV programme?
This changes regularly: This week I’ve been watching a lot of ‘the OC’ which is absurd but very addictive. My TV DVD collection features Family Guy season 1-3, Curb Your Enthusiasm seasons 1 & 2, and of course, West Wing seasons 1-4.


Q: Who would play you in the movie adaptation of your life?
The guy in the rubber suit in ‘Pulp Fiction’. He’s got the most experience.

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