Irish Opinion Paul Walsh

Irish indie band Royseven takes a break from working on their second album to talk movies.

Formerly known as Jove, homegrown six-piece Royseven hit the Irish scene in 2007 with gusto. Having received the Hope for 2007 Meteor Award for their debut album ‘The Art Of Insincerity’, the band toured supporting big names such as Kaiser Chiefs and The Fratellis, wowing national and internationally alike.

The band are currently working on the follow-up album in Germany, expected later this year. We talk movies with the band’s lead singer Paul Walsh:


Q: How often to you get to sit down and watch a movie?

I love going to the cinema so I try and do it at least once a fortnight, if I haven’t been for some time, I’ll do a movie marathon- turn my phone off and catch four in a day (that’s my record anyway).

Q: Tell us about the last movie you saw? (either in cinema, video, DVD or TV)

I just bought Richard Donners edit of Superman 2 on DVD, I’ve been a massive “man of steel” fan since childhood, so this was a much anticipated purchase. He was fired from the project in the middle of shooting, so he never got to finish the movie as he envisaged it. This version has an alternate beginning, ending and numerous scenes and dialogue have changed throughout it also- essential for every “supernerd”!

Q: What is your favourite Irish movie and why?

Probably “Breakfast on Pluto” (followed by the “Butcher boy”), just for its zany, off-the-wall characters and script as well as some fine performances.

Q: What is your favourite movie of all time?

I would say “Superman: The Movie” out of sheer sentiment. “Life is beautiful” was stunning though and remains a true timeless favourite.


Q: What movie could you never sit through again?
“King Kong” – the Peter Jackson version. I know this is a very popular film, and I am a fan of this director, but it just didn’t work for me. Some questionable CGI footage within several of the more insignificant shots (in the small boat for example) just made it difficult for me to be absorbed …


Q: Describe your ideal movie cast… (actor, actress & director)
Director: Bryan Singer
Actor: Gene Hackmann
Actress: Lauren Bacall



Royseven are currently preparing to record our second album with Road Runner Records.