Who’s Who In The LEGO Movie 2?

Not long ago in a town called Bricksburg, a super-friendly, upbeat and endlessly optimistic guy named Emmet rose from a most ordinary life to become The Special in the mega-hit animated adventure “The LEGO Movie.” Overcoming his doubts and an apparent lack of any notable skills or experience, this LEGO minifigure in the bright orange vest bravely followed his destiny to become a Master Builder and—with the help of his friends—saved the city, won Lucy’s heart and helped make “Everything is Awesome” an irresistible dance-party singalong the world over.

Yeah.  You’re singing it right now, aren’t you?

Now, five years after that fateful day, Emmet still has a spring in his step, a smile on his bright, shiny face and 25 sugars pumping up his coffee every morning. But everything else has fallen to pieces.  The surprise DUPLO invasion that threatened destruction just behind the first movie’s happy ending has reduced Bricksburg to a wasteland of rubble known to its battle-weary (but still quite witty) citizens as Apocalypseburg.

The new movie has an equally catchy song which you can listen here (but be warned, you’ll be humming it for days)


EMMET- Voice by Chris Pratt

Emmet Brickowski is still the most positive, caring guy in town, and the only one who still believes everything is awesome.  But his sunny disposition might not be enough for life in the dark new world of Apocalypseburg.  The “Special” from the original story, Emmet may need to toughen up and change with the times if he wants to build a perfect, happy life with his special best friend, Lucy.

Watch Emmet’s Holiday Party – A Short movie from the team behind The LEGO movie –>


LUCY – Voiced by Elizabeth Banks

Lucy, also known as Wyldstyle, is a strong, kick-butt Master Builder.  A fierce leader, she always fought for what she believed in.  Lucy loves everything that makes Emmet special, like his kindness and optimism, and the fact that he puts 25 sugars in his coffee, but since LEGO® DUPLO® invaders left her city in pieces she fears those qualities won’t help him survive in these heck-ish times.  In fact, she’ll need to rediscover those qualities in herself if she is to become the hero everyone needs her to be.


REX DANGERVEST – Voiced by Chris Pratt

Rex is an ultra-cool, tough-guy hero, flying through space in his own over-the-top battle ship, the Rexcelsior, with his raptor crew.  Rex is everything Emmet is not: confident, brash and experienced in the ways of the world.  He claims to have invented the phrase “no regrets,” though he regrets not trademarking it.  Also the inventor of the deconstructionator punch, Rex is a Master Breaker.


QUEEN WATEVRA WA’NABI – Voiced by Tiffany Haddish

As queen of the faraway Systar System, Whatevra Wa’Nabi is a strategic, shape-shifting ruler with a secret plan that could change the lives of Emmet, Lucy and all their friends.  When things don’t go her way, she’s not averse to breaking into a catchy song and dance number to get her point across.



A masked space pilot from the Systar System, General Mayhem is Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi’s self-assured commander, who captures Emmet’s friends.  She shoots ammunition in the form of stickers, stars and hearts that utter cute phrases in the tiniest little voices before exploding.  Her name may be “Sweet” but this war has toughened her up.


BATMAN – Voiced by Will Arnett 

Just as dark, sarcastic and self-centered as ever—and just as loveable—this super-cool Super Hero is always ready to save the world.  Batman is slightly better at being a team player than he used to be…as long as everyone understands he’s the leader, and that he’s perfect and totally awesome in every way.  Obvs.

UNIKITTY / ULTRAKATTY – Voiced by Alison Brie

This wide-eyed unicorn-feline mashup still loves glitter and everything sweet and fluffy, even though she has cultivated her own hard–edged Apocalypseburg side.  Accessing her inner rage transforms Unikitty into her ferocious alter-ego, Ultrakatty: an oversized, roaring, fighting machine.



METALBEARD – Voiced by Nick Offerman

Salty as ever, this battle-ready pirate still has a good head on his shoulders – or wherever it happens to land when it gets knocked off.  MetalBeard is constantly rebuilding his body, which is part pirate ship and part multi-purpose utility knife, with lots of useful accessories like a cutlass, double-barreled cannons and a sidearm shark launcher

BENNY – Voiced By Charlie Day

Fun-loving, resourceful and always ready to help his friends wherever it takes him, Benny is still one space-y dude with a cracked helmet.  Benny is happiest when he’s in a spaceship, building a spaceship, talking about spaceships or just thinking about spaceships.

ICE CREAM CONE – Voiced by Richard Ayoade

Ice Cream Cone is Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi’s royal assistant and party planner.  With so much to do and organize throughout Watevra’s vast empire, the super-efficient Ice Cream Cone can sometimes be a little short-tempered, and no one is better at stopping a conversation cold when he’s heard enough.

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