Video Interview Patrick Dempsey

16 year-old Davis is arrested by the police for drugs, 15 year-old Angel for assault and auto-theft, and Butch has beaten up a correctional officer. These three must now stick together as they attempt to get by in the Dog Pound, a place of misery and doom under the watchful and harsh eye of Officer Goodyear.

You might be tempted to ditch your partner during a viewing of ‘Made Of Honour’, don’t be alarmed, its perfectly normal, in fact Hollywood are trusting Patrick Dempsey will be a big hit with women everywhere and have cast him in a number of high profile romantic comedies.

Spreading his wings beyond ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Dempsey was one of the highlights of last years ‘Enchanted’, so its no surprise to see more romantic gentleman style roles come his way. He appears in ‘Made Of Honour’ opposite Michelle Monaghan, which opens in irish cinemas this weekend.

Want to get down and dirty with Hollywood’s newest heart-throb? Just click play on our video below…

‘Made Of Honour’ is released on DVD in Ireland on September 26th