Video Interview Kevin Spacey

The story follows Jamie, a troubled young man with a birthmark on his face, which has left him feeling isolated and fearful, hiding from the world outside. He lives in the East End of London, an area notorious for its violent hooded gangs. According to news reports, the gangs are now wearing demon masks. But, one night, Jamie discovers the terrifying truth: the gangs are not wearing masks. They are real demons. And when Jamie’s mother is killed by them in a brutal attack, he realizes he can no longer hide away. Jamie vows vengeance and turns vigilante. But the world outside is more of a nightmare than he ever imagined. As Jamie himself says: “I open up the window and madness flies in.”

Based on the fascinating true story of six
college students who were trained to become experts in card counting and
subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. Spacey plays
professor Mickey Rossa, the man who recruited the students and thought them how
to manipulate card games.


Kevin Spacey is no stranger to true life stories, he
previously starred as Irish criminal The General in ‘Ordinary Decent Criminal’,
Bobby Darin in ‘Beyond The Sea’ and he’s currently making a movie about The Chicago
7 with Steven Spielberg, Will Smith and an all star cast.


In this video Spacey reveals why he took the role
and tells us more about the character he plays in the film. To view the video
just click play below.


‘21’ is released on DVD in Ireland on September 5th will have copies of the DVD to give away from Friday