Video Interview Jim Carrey

Comedy genius Jim Carrey talks about his latest flick “Yes Man”

Jim Carrey is back to his old tricks this holiday season in his latest comedy “Yes Man”.

In ” Yes Man”, Carrey is a drag. A recent divorcee in a dead-end job, who basically has one word for everything: “No!” Then one day he is dragged to one of those super positive, self-help seminars that forces him to say “Yes” to everything or face dire consequences. Thing is, it works. Need Viagra? Yes. Bungee jumping? Yes. A quick hummer by his over-sexed septuagenarian neighbor (Fionnula Flanagan)? Uh … yes?

Of course, all this goodwill does have its consequences, and Carl learns some valuable lessons. Sound familiar? Hey, if “Liar Liar”, why can’t “Yes Man”!

Here, speaks to Jim about bringing the concept to the big screen, comparisons to “Liar Liar” and working alongside Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan.





“Yes Man” is in Irish cinemas from Friday, December 26th