TRAINSPOTTING Sequel May Be Danny Boyle’s Next

Get excited, ‘Trainspotting’ fans. After years of rumours and speculation, director Danny Boyle has hinted that his long-anticipated sequel to ‘Trainspotting’ may be his next project.

Based on the Irvine Welsh novel of the same name, the widely praised ‘Trainspotting’ told the grimly, grittily entertaining misadventures of heroin addicts in Edinburgh. Welsh wrote a sequel novel to ‘Trainspotting’ in 2002 titled ‘Porno,’ which caught up with the characters ten years in the future.

Talking to Deadline while out promoting his latest offering, the Michael Fassbender-starring ‘Steve Jobs,’ Boyle revealed that “all the four main actors want to come back and do it.”

Meaning Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, and Ewen Bremner will reprise their roles of Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie, and Spud – respectively.  “Now it is only a matter of getting all their schedules together which is complicated by two of them doing American TV series,” said Boyle.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker is referring to Miller, who plays Sherlock Holmes in ‘Elementary,’ and Carlyle, who is starring in the fantasy series ‘Once Upon A Time.’

Earlier this year, at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, McGregor confirmed his return to the role of Renton, adding that “it would make sense for the sequel to be made in 2016, the 20th anniversary of the original.”

STEVE JOBS hits Irish cinemas November 13, 2015.