Tessa Thompson to Lead Doris Payne Drama

Tessa Thompson, the breakout star of ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ and ‘Creed,’ has signed on to portray Doris ‘Diamond’ Payne in a drama based on the life of the international jewel thief whose career spanned six decades.

In her career, Payne would enter jewellery stores posing as a well-to-do woman looking for a diamond ring and ask to see an assortment of items. Using her charm, she would eventually cause the clerk to forget how many pieces were outside the cases and leave with one or two pieces. Payne, who is now 87, was the subject of a 2013 documentary about her life-long career as a jewel thief.

According to Variety, Thompson’s untitled film is being conceived as a high-concept action-drama in the vein of ‘Catch Me if You Can’ and ‘The Thomas Crown Affair.’

Thompson will also take a producing credit on the project, alongside Jeff Clanagan of Codeblack Films.