Shailene Woodley and Baltasar Kormakur Circling Survival Tale ADRIFT

‘Everest’ helmer Baltasar Kormakur is reportedly set to take the helm for the survival drama ‘Adrift,’ with Shailene Woodley (‘Snowden,’ ‘Divergent’) attached to star.

Referred to as “’Gravity’ set on the high seas” by Deadline, the drama is based on the true story of Tami Oldham and her fiancé, Richard Sharp. After setting sail from Tahiti, the young couple find themselves 1,500 miles from the nearest land, in the middle of a monumental hurricane.

During the chaos, Tami is knocked unconscious. When she woke up, she finds her boat in ruins, both the life raft, and her fiancé missing. The tale follows Tami’s journey back to the safety of Hawaiian shores.

Kormakur will helm the survival drama based off a spec script by twins Aaron and Jordan Kandell.