REVOLUTIONS – Trailer For Laura McGann’s Irish Roller-Derby Documentary

In cinemas from  June 30, Laura McGann’s documentary is the unflinching and poignant insight into the trials and tribulations, both personal and sporting, of the women on the forefront of Ireland’s burgeoning Roller Derby scene.


REVOLUTIONS introduces the exciting, sometimes aggressive, world of women’s roller derby and follows a number of Irish women over four years as they commit to this gruelling sport with the determination to meet the physical and mental challenges they encounter.

The sport becomes a haven for these women and a means for self-expression, a fight to be fought, and, above all, a team that needs them. Firm friendships are struck, clubs are formed, national teams meet and vie for supremacy, and the first-ever Irish national team travels to compete at the Roller Derby World Cup. But rivalries emerge within the team, the coach’s rule is subverted and off-rink demands of work and family increasingly challenge the women’s commitment.

Two special screenings will take place in Dublin and Cork over the opening weekend with the Irish Film Institute hosting a screening and Q&A on Friday 30th June at 6.15pm while the Triskel Christchurch in Cork will kick off their release of the film with a special screening and Q&A on Sunday 2nd July.

To find out more about the film and where it’s playing see the film’s official site

In Cinemas from June 30, 2017.