My Movies – Mary Byrne talks about her favourite films

Every month we chat to Irish celebrities about their movie watching habits. For this issue we caught up with singer Mary Byrne, who is currently starring in the Cheerios Panto ‘Sleeping Beauty’ running at Dublin’s Tivoli theatre for six weeks from December 14th. For ticket bookings phone 01 454 4472.

The last Movie I saw was ‘The Polar Express’
It’s perfect for getting a bit of Christmas feeling into the house.

Favourite Irish movie.
‘My Left Foot’, is such a great lm,
so well made, I’m a big fan of Brenda Fricker as well. The other would be ‘The Snapper’, They’re two of the best Irish movies, now there’s loads but they stand out for me.

My favourite movie of all time is ‘White Christmas’.
I watch it with my daughter every year when we’re putting the Christmas tree up, it’s a family tradition, we’ve been doing it since she was a kid,

My ideal movie team.
My favourite actors are Tommy Lee Jones, James Stewart, and I love Liam Nee- son, he’s gorgeous and a great actor. Favourite director is Stephen Spielberg, I’m a real child at heart and he did movies like ’Schin- dler’s list’, movies that touch you and make you realise the way the world was at one time and could get there again if we don’t look after it. ‘Some like it hot’, with Jack Lemon , Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe, it’s one of those movies that even to this day stands the test of time. It’s hilarious.

What horror movie scares you?
There’s one, I was 15, we weren’t supposed to go at the time, ‘The Exorcist’ I can not watch it to this day, I hate the voice she makes, it scares the bejaysus out of me, it’s a horrible horrible movie.

Who would play me in a movie of my life?
The actress from Misery, Kathy Bates, she’s a great actress and she could do Mary Byrne to a tee.