GHOST DOG Follow-Up In The Works With Jim Jarmusch and Forest Whitaker

Back in 1999, Jim Jarmusch directed Forest Whitaker in ‘Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai,’ a low-budget crime thriller hybrid of hip hop, Japanese and Italian culture. The film became an instant classic, and now it looks like we will be getting a follow-up of sorts.

In a chat with French magazine Télérama, Wu-Tang Clan de facto frontman-turned-filmmaker RZA, who had a role and created the score for the original film, said:

“Jim Jarmusch, my good buddy, and Forest Whitaker, have both signed on with me and another writer named Dallas Jackson, to executive producer another ‘Ghost Dog.’ And we already have something written. So maybe ‘Ghost Dog’ will make its way back to the silver screen, or small screen.”

‘Ghost Dog’ starred Whitaker as the title character, a hitman in the employ of the Mafia, who follows the ancient code of the samurai. However, when his last job does not go according to plan, he finds himself in the mob’s crosshairs.

The film is an underrated gem, coming across at times like a gangster crime thriller, a western, and a Samurai film, and we implore you to check it out. You’ll find the film’s trailer, along with RZA’s terrific score, below.