Ruairi Robinson – The Leviathan gets green light for Irish director

Heavy hitters to executive produce the sci-fi feature…

Deadline is reporting that writer/producer Simon Kinberg (‘X-Men,’ ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Sherlock Holmes’) and director Neill Blomkamp (‘Chappie,’ ‘District 9’) are set to produce Oscar nominated Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson’s next outing, the sci-fi project ‘The Leviathan.’

A mind-blowing 3-1/2 minute proof-of-concept teaser for the film dropped last week, becoming an overnight sensation. The sci-fi, described by many as “Moby Dick in Space,” is based on a script by screenwriter Jim Uhls (‘Fight Club’) and follows involuntarily drafted pilots who hunt gigantic whale-like creatures through the skies.

Nick Ryan, Robbie Ryan and Billy O’Brien of Floodland Pictures (‘The Summit’) are on-board, with development funding coming from The Irish Film Board.

Robinson made his feature debut with the 2013 sci-fi ‘The Last Days on Mars,’ and was at one point set to take the helm of a live action adaptation of ‘Akira’ for Warner Bros, but the project fell into development hell (you can check out some cool concept art here). The Dublin-born filmmaker’s credits also include the shorts ‘Blinky™,’ ‘Silent City,’ ‘The House on Dame Street,’ and the 2001 short ‘Fifty Percent Grey,’ of which he was nominated for an Academy Award.