Nicolas Cage Takes EXIT 147 With Mike Figgis

Nicolas Cage is reteaming with his ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ director Mike Figgis for the indie thriller ‘Exit 147.’

Featuring a script by ‘Pandorum’ scribe Travis Milloy, the indie thriller is a psychological game of cat and mouse between a young father driving cross country and a sadistic sheriff (Cage).

“This is the kind of story that turns up once in a blue moon. It is the perfect vehicle for Nicolas, and I am excited to be back in business with this great actor. I love this combination of dark and scary balanced with edgy humour,” Figgis told Variety.

The project was previously set up with Taylor Kitsch (‘True Detective,’ ‘Battleship’) starring and Julian Jarrold (‘A Royal Night Out,’ ‘Great Expectations,’ ‘Brideshead Revisited’) directing.