Dwayne Johnson Joins Video Game Adaptation RAMPAGE

Deadline’s Mike Fleming is hearing that Dwayne Johnson and his ‘San Andreas’ producer Beau Flynn are re-teaming for a live-action adaptation of the 80s arcade hit ‘Rampage.’

Released by Midway back in 1986, the game involved three giant monsters – a King Kong-like gorilla, a Godzilla-like lizard, and a giant werewolf – created from mutated humans. In order to advance levels, the player needed to raze all buildings in a high-rise city, eating people and destroying helicopters, tanks, taxis, police cars, boats, and trolleys along the way.

‘Non-Stop’ scribe Ryan Engle is providing the script, Flynn producing via FlynnPictureCo, alongside John Rickard and his Rickard Pictures banner.

The plan is for Johnson to move on to ‘Rampage’ after he completes production on ‘Fast & Furious 8.’