THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Sequel Eyes Shailene Woodley

Actress circles Mary Jane Watson role.

With stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone officially set to return for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ Sony Pictures is moving forward with filling out the supporting cast.

Variety has word that Shailene Woodley (‘The Spectacular Now,’ ‘The Descendants’) has emerged as the studio’s top choice to take the iconic role of Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s redheaded love interest.

In addition, the trade notes that a character breakdown sent out to agencies also features a role for Harry Osborn (played by James Franco in the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy).

While an antagonist has yet to be selected for the sequel, Electro is rumoured to be one of the villains that Marc Webb is considering. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Electro is the namesake of Maxwell Dillon, an electrical engineer and lineman, who gains the ability to control electricity after a freak lightning accident caused a mutagenic change that transformed him into a living electrical capacitor.