Not so scary monsters of cinema

This weeks ‘A Monster In Paris’ adds a new beast to the list of non threatening monsters in cinema, we take a look at some more

A Monster In Paris is released In Irish cinemas. The film tells the story of Franc, a giant flea created in a lab when a wacky inventor, his camera crazy best friend and a madcap monkey make a big mistake. Franc may look like a monster, but he has a saving grace; a musical talent of monstrous proportions.

With the help of the beautiful but feisty singer Lucille, the team are on a mission to protect their new friend from the ghastly wannabe Mayor, Commissioner Maynott, who has a plan to increase his popularity by capturing Franc and revealing him to be a scary monster to the people of Paris.

This new movie from the creator of Shark Tale – Bibo Bergeron – has got us thinking about movies that focus on the person, and not just their looks. We are sure that Franc – voiced by Sean Lennon – will join this list in the future, but for now, Brogen Hayes looks at 5 animated films that focus on inner beauty, and not just the scary monster on the outside.

Beauty and The Beast

When her father is to be imprisoned by a monstrous Beast (Robby Benson), Belle (Paige O’Hara) offers herself in his place. As she spends time in the Beast’s castle, she learns that her captor may be a Beast on the outside, but he is really an enchanted prince, a prince with a gentle and caring heart.



Shrek (Mike Myers) is a grouchy green ogre that has become accustomed to a life of solitude. His oasis of peace and calm is disrupted when numerous fairytale beings, including Pinnocho, the Three Little Pigs and a talking donkey called… well… Donkey (Eddie Murphy) – are forced into his swamp by order of Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). Shrek may be a fearsome ogre, but underneath is all; he is a sweet creature who learns the value of friendship friends.


Monsters, Inc

Sully (John Goodman) is a monster who is employed to invade children’s bedrooms at night and scare them. Their screams are turned into energy for the bustling Monster town of Monstropolis. Sully is a gentle giant whose job it is to scare, but when a human child, Boo (Mary Gibbs) finds her way into the monster world, Sully takes it upon himself to protect her.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The deformed son of a gypsy woman – Quasimodo – is brought up in a cathedral in Paris. His adoptive father, Frollo tells Quasimodo that he is a monster who would be rejected by the world outside the cathedral. When Quasimodo falls in love with a kind gypsy Esmerelda – whom Frollo wants for his mistress – Quasimodo rescues the woman and is hailed as a hero.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon) may be the Pumpkin King and inspiration to all the inhabitants of Hallowe’en Town, but he longs for more. In his quest to find fulfilment, Jack takes over Christmas, but accidentally creates a disaster. In the end, Jack is upset that the unintentional mess he has created and helps Santa to put everything right and save Christmas.


A MONSTER IN PARIS hits cinemas on January 27th

Words – Brogen Hayes