Behind The Scenes Of Bolt

Producer Clark Spencer takes us through the world of Disney animation in this video interview

Disney is back with more comedic bark and bite than ever in the the new  K-9 comedy “Bolt”.


Travolta stars as Bolt – the superdog who,  along with his owner Penny,
uses his super-speed, super-strenght and sonic bark to foil the efforts
of the green eyed man and protect the world from wrong doers. That is
until the lights do down and the cameras go off and suddenly Bolt is
once again just a regular joe-soap… known to all but our trusty


he believes Penny has been kidnapped – Bolt kicks into action,
travelling across America with his number one fan -Rhino the Hamster –
and his prisoner Mittens – a cat with a serious case of stockholme
syndrome – to rescue “his person” and once again save the day. But can
a part-time superhero make it in the regular world?

Bolt is producer Disney’s Clark Spencer – Paul Bryne recently met up with the
writer/director to discuss making the pic, the power and pressure of
Pixara nd how the former Wall Street buisnessman/Harvard History
gradudate became Disney’s go-to-man for children’s Entertainment.
Spencer had previously made Meet The Robinsons and Lilo and Stich for Disney.






“Bolt 3D” is in Irish cinemas this Friday, Feb 6th. The 2D version follows on Feb 13th. Next week to talk to Bolt’s directors and John Lasseter .