Wolverine Talks XMen

X-Men Origins: Wolverine lead man, Hugh Jackman is talking about the upcoming X-Men renaissance (opening Summer ’09).

Speaking about the film, Jackman said, “we are dealing with a character who is probably one of the darker comic book characters ever created. The movie has a lot of fun elements, but there are layers of pain and darkness to this character.”

“Tonally, I would put it more in the ‘Batman Begins’ sort of realm,” he added. “That’s sort of where we’re headed.”

And if Jackman has his way, “Origins” won’t be the last time we see him wielding adamantium claws. “There are two conditions for me doing any more: One is will anybody want to see it, and the second is: Will I still have the passion for it?” he explained. “I really wanted to do this spin-off movie, because I felt we hadn’t truly found who this character was.”

“Right now,” Jackman added, fueling hope for the fanboys, “I feel like I could do another ten or eleven.”

You can see Jackman in ‘Deception’ – in Irish cinemas now.