Winslet and Keener Board Kaufman

Meta musical indie lands Kate Winslet and Catherine Keener.

Charlie Kaufman’s indie ‘Frank or Francis,’ a satire of Hollywood set to music has reportedly added two new additions. According to Vulture, Kate Winslet and Catherine Keener have joined the ensemble cast of Steve Carell, Jack Black, Nicolas Cage, and Kevin Kline.

The film chronicles the volatile back-and-forth between Frank (Carell), a successful, somewhat pretentious filmmaker and Francis, a charmless yet extremely intelligent Internet troll (Black) who delights in criticizing the director’s work on a Hollywood website.

Both Winslet and Keener have worked with Kaufman before. Winslet was nominated for an Oscar for the Kaufman-penned ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,’ while Keener got her first Oscar nod with ‘Being John Malkovich. ‘Frank or Francis’ will be the first time the actresses have worked with Kaufman as a director.