Win Vantage Point DVD

Win a copy of the Rashomon style thriller ‘Vantage Point’ – on DVD from August 4th.

On DVD from August 4th is the action-thriller ‘Vantage Point’.


With an A-list cast, including Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forrest Whittaker and Sigourney Weaver, ‘Vantage Point’ tells the tale of a terrorist attempt to assassinate the US president at a global summit in Spain. Constructed from different viewpoints of separate witnesses, each story sheds a different perspective on the truth behind this shocking event.


As a refreshing change of pace from other action films of its ilk, Vantage Point packs a wallop and we have 10 copies of the DVD to give away.



To try your luck, view this film still and leave a caption in the comment area below.

The best captions will win a copy of the DVD, so get posting!
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