Will Ferrell and Jack Black Are TAG BROTHERS

New comedy based on real life tale.

They may have shared a memorable scene together in ‘Anchorman,’ but Will Ferrell and Jack Black have yet to team up for a full feature. Well it appears that all that is about change as TheWrap is reporting that the comedy stars are set to share the screen in a new comedy project titled ‘Tag Brothers.’

With Mark Steilen on board to pen the screenplay the comedy is based on a recent Wall Street Journal article about a group of former classmates from Spokane, Washington who have spent the past 23 years locked in a game of “Tag.” Devoting every February to the schoolyard game, the friends chase each other across America to avoid being “It,” all while balancing their personal and professional obligations. The men, who are now in their 40’s, go to great lengths to score that crucial physical contact, including breaking into each other’s homes and offices, and hiding in bushes until a target appears.

‘Tag Brothers’ will be produced by Todd Garner via his Broken Road banner and Steilen.